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Emma Stone Udo's Oil


Daily Mail (UK)
February 2017
Los Angeles-based personal trainer, Jason Walsh – founder of Rise Nation – shares his top tips on how he got Emma Stone La La Land-ready: When asked 'Are there any foods you limit or eat more of?', he answered 'I limit all sugars, and I add Udo's Choice Oil to food daily for essential fats. That's where I get my energy from, not sugars'. Read the article: Emma Stone's personal trainer reveals how you can get her toned abs, arms, and legs – with these simple tips.

Kimberly Snyder Beauty Podcast Beauty Inside Out Udo Erasmus


Kimberly Snyder's 'Beauty Inside Out' Audio Podcast (US)
January 2017

New York Times best-selling author and nutritionist Kimberly Snyder interviews Udo about the roles that carefully made oils play in health and how Udo's Oil fits into a plant-based diet, solves the widespread omega-3 deficiency problem that affects 99% of the population, and fixes the imbalanced ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. Listen to her 'Beauty Inside Out' podcast (Udo's interview starts at 20:00): Episode 125: Good Nutrition & Quality Ingredients with Udo Erasmus.



OrganicAuthority.com (US)
December 2016

Organicauthority.com interviews Udo about the functions of digestive enzymes and their various applications in health, including why digestive enzymes are so necessary, the benefits of taking a digestive enzyme supplement, and the best way to take them. Read the article: Digestive Enzymes: The Better-Health Secret to Beating Bloat and Food Comas, by Donna Sozio.



Thrive Magazine (US)
November 2016

Udo’s Oil 3·6·9 Blend wins Thrive Magazine's 'Best of Award' for the Editor's Picks in Ultimate Self-Care (print issue November 2016). A favorite amongst vegans, Udo's Oil is 100% plant-based, certified organic, non-GMO, sustainable, and gluten-free. All the good fats you need and none of the bad fats you should avoid. Get more information: Udo's Oil 3·6·9 Blend.



Better Nutrition Magazine (US)
November 2016

Udo’s Oil 3·6·9 Blend wins GOLD in the Essential Fatty Acids category of Better Nutrition Magazine’s 2016 Best of Supplements Awards. November 1st, 2016 marks the 22-year anniversary of the creation of Udo's Oil 3·6·9 Blend, which provides you with the most healthful oils: certified organic; plant-based; non-GMO; sustainable; a balanced ratio of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 oils; packaged in glass bottles and other recyclable materials. No one else makes healthful oils with the care that we do. Get more information: Udo's Oil 3·6·9 Blend.

Health Magazine Cover November 2015


Health Magazine (US)
November 2015

Cover model Victoria Justice talks about her natural health routine and her daily shake with Udo's Oil®: "...We also have this shake in my house that we pretty much have every morning. It's made of rice milk, bananas, Udo's Oil, and protein powder. I've been drinking it ever since I was little." How did she hear about this shake? "My stepdad was at work and [Olympic diver] Greg Louganis' coach came in and said something like 'Greg swears by this, he drinks this.' My stepdad came home and told my mom, my sister, and me about it, and for, like, 15 years we've been drinking this shake." Exerpt from article, page 110. Also appears as an online article titled Victoria Justice: 'If You Don't Feel Healthy, Nothing Else Matters'.

Good Housekeeping UK April 2015


Good Housekeeping (UK)
April 2015

Beauty consultant Eve Cameron recommends Udo’s Choice® Ultimate Oil Blend (UK name for Udo's Oil®) as a "guaranteed youth-booster" and one of the 3 best ways to keep hair in great condition, shiny and healthy-looking: "Nourish from the inside: Essential fatty acids are important for hair and scalp health, especially as you get older. I recommend Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend, from £11.99, to my clients. It’s packed with omega 3s, 6s, and 9s." Exerpt from article '3 Ways to Age-Proof Your Hair'.

Carol Alt Talks With Udo Erasmus on her Fox News show A Healthy You (NYC)
February 2014

Carol asks Udo why he created Udo’s Oil 3·6·9 Blend, why we need essential fatty acids, and how we know if we are getting enough essential fats. Carol explains: “I put Udo’s Choice in my salad with a little bit of olive oil and, literally, you can get all the fats you need every day…I know when I don’t eat my oils I’m cold all the time, I have less energy…I love your product.”

Women's Health Magazine UK July 2014


Women's Health Magazine (UK)
July 2014

Skincare expert Su-Man Hsu, whose facials are loved by A-listers around the world, recommends Udo's Oil as 1 of her 4 top tips to achieving a perfect complexion: ‘Essential fatty acids are like an internal moisturiser. My favourite is [the] Omega blended oil from Udo's Choice. I like to sprinkle some on my salad, porridge and toast but when I travel I will take the capsules form of this oil with me, which makes it easier.’ Exerpt from article '4 Tips for Beautiful Skin from a Celebrity Facialist'.

Vogue US January 2014


Vogue (US)
January 2014

Celebrity makeup artist, Gucci Westman, dishes on some of her secrets to starting off the new year right: “January is always a big exercise and health month for me — this year, I’m doing no alcohol and no sugar. In the morning, I’ll have hot water with lemon followed by an Organic Avenue Green Love juice and my supplements: Udo’s Choice probiotics and supplements." Exerpt from article 'Fresh Start: Five Fashionable Women on How They Plan to Detox in 2014'.

Cosmopolitan Australia Magazine Udo's Oil 2013
Cosmopolitan Magazine (Australia)
July 2013

Skin expert Jocelyn Petroni, salon principal at The Facial, shares her best tips on what foods to eat to get glowing skin: “Breakfast is where my skin gets its vital food: Udo’s Oil (from health food stores). I have dry skin, particularly in winter, and the best treatment is taking oil internally. I have two dessert spoons of Udo’s Oil over my muesli...” Read the article: The Foods Your Skin Loves.

Men's Health Magazine November 2013


Men's Health Magazine (US)
November 2013

Sports nutritionist Christopher Mohr, Ph.D, R.D., recommends Udo's Choice® Probiotics as 1 of the 5 key supplements to take every day to stay strong, lean, and healthy: "Probiotics are the wave of the nutrition future. The more scientists learn about the microbiome, the bacteria in and all over our bodies, the more interested I am in these. There are data that support their use for immunity, regularity, and even weight loss and vitamin D status. I currently use Udo’s Choice." Exerpt from article titled '5 Supplements to Take Every Day'.



Muscle & Fitness Magazine (US)
July 2013

Trainer and Gym Jones founder, Mark Twight, gets Henry Cavill into Superman shape with a simple supplement regimen including essential fatty acids in the form of Udo’s Oil, as part of a stable fitness foundation plan. 'The deeper that foundation, the more stable that condition will be, and the easier it is to maintain'. Exerpt from article titled 'Man of Steel: How Henry Cavill Got Superhero Shredded'.

Top fitness and lifestyle consultant Ashley Borden Recommends Udo's Oil® 3·6·9 Blend on Good Day L.A. (@1:37):

"Udo's Oil®, one of my favorite supplements that you take. It is a 3·6·9 fatty acid blend that's excellent for lean muscle mass, your hair, your skin. You don't heat it, you just put it in your food...it's an excellent, excellent supplement to your day."

Tony Robbins UPW


Tony Robbins' Seminar: Unleash the Power Within

For their Unleash the Power Within programming, Tony and his team include Udo's Oil® 3·6·9 Blend in The 10 Day Challenge which introduces the The 12 Steps of Pure Energy: "We challenge you for the next 30 days (a minimum of 10 days) to apply these principles, judge their validity first-hand, and experience the power, vitality, energy, and joy of your body being totally alive with health. Commit with full force to live by these 12 principles, creating momentum towards building a powerful base of pure energy in your body."

Canadian Running Magazine October 2013


Running Magazine (Canada)
October 2013

Vegan ultra runner Scott Jurek spills his secrets on how to maintain a healthy vegan diet and peak performance: "Many runners eliminate items from their diet without finding healthy alternatives, resulting in a drop in health and performance. I focus on eating whole, plant-based foods. These include: healthy fats, whole grains, legumes, soy protein (via tempeh, tofu, and miso), nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables." Jurek starts his day with 3-4 servings of his power smoothie, "...usually a mix of: soaked almonds, Udo’s Oil 3-6-9 Blend, dates, bananas, blueberries, vegan protein powder, vanilla, maca powder and sea salt." He also takes "1 capsule each [of] Udo’s Choice Super Bifido Plus & Adult’s Probiotic" and "1 capsule [of] Udo’s Choice unrefined algae DHA". Exerpt from article 'Scott Jurek talks whole foods for runners'.

Heidi Powell Udo's Oil


Heidi Powell Blog
May 2013

Trainer and transformation specialist on ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss, Heidi Powell, talks about Udo's Oil as one of the 'staple items' in the Powell family fridge: "Udo’s 3-6-9 Oil – Ah-mazing! And one of the ingredients in my baby/toddler formula." Exerpt from heidipowell.net blog post 'What's in my...fridge!'.

British Vogue Cover January 2013


Vogue (British)
January 2013

Vogue's in-house health expert, Calgary Avansino, recommends Udo's Oil®: "OIL CHECK - I'd be very surprised if most of you haven't seen, or at least heard murmurs, about Udo's Choice Oils – which provide the ideal blend of Omega 3, 6, 9 organic, unrefined oils...here are five creative ways to add essential fatty acids into your life this year. SOUPS - With any puréed soup: courgette, asparagus, butternut squash add a shot of Udo's before you blitz. DRESSINGS – Mix with red wine vinegar, cider vinegar and a spoonful of mustard to top any salad. SMOOTHIES – Whatever your preferred smoothie – add a heaped tablespoon of oil before blending. PORRIDGE – While your morning oatmeal is simmering, drizzle in a dose of oil and stir until blended. PESTO – The next time you mix basil, pinenuts and parmesan, substitute a third of your olive oil with Udo's." Exerpt from the 'What to Eat' section of their Weekly Wellbeing blog.

Men's Health Magazine October 2010


Men's Health Magazine (US)
October 2010

American surfer and bona fide adventurer, Laird Hamilton, shares his morning smoothie recipe which includes 1 tablespoon of Udo's Oil 3·6·9 Blend: "I like to start the day with this smoothie...Liquids are easier to digest than solids, so less than an hour after drinking this, I'm ready for whatever activity is on the agenda." Exerpt from article 'Laird Hamilton's Morning Smoothie Recipe: Begin your day with this nutrient-rich concoction'.

Celebrity fitness and lifestyle consultant Ashley Borden Recommends Udo's Oil® 3·6·9 Blend on The Tyra Banks Show (@5:08):

"This is Udo's Oil...Now, most people get terrified of oil; they think they're going to become fat from the oil. Oil is such an essential thing for a lean body...it helps to feed your muscle tissue which gives you lean muscle...Oil is your friend."


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