Check out our latest appetizer dishes, straight out of the Udo’s Choice® Kitchen

Udo’s Oil Organic NonGMO Plant Based Omegas DHA Omega 3 Keto Diet Vegan Paleo MCTs © USHA MENARD
Summer Pasta with Raw Tomato Sauce and Udo’s Oil © FOTOFARM PRODUCTIONS
Udos-Oil-Parsley-Walnut-Pesto-Recipe-Organic-Nongmo-sustainable-omegas-keto-diet-plantbased-vegan-paleo-mcts-dha-1 © USHA MENARD
Udo’s Choice Flora Udo’s Oil Blend Organic NonGMO Glutenfree Sustainable Plantbased Omegas Keto Diet MCTs Vegan © USHA MENARD
Udo’s Oil Organic Plantbased nonGMO glutenfree sustainable omegas healthy recipes keto diet © FOTOFARM PRODUCTIONS
Miso-Tahini Dressing + Udo’s Oil Recipe © BROOKE LARK
Cilantro Lime Rice Bowl With Black Bean Salsa © FOTOFARM PRODUCTIONS
Spinach Avocado Pomegranate Salad with Udo’s Oil Dressing © EDGAR CASTREJON