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Author, public speaker, product formulator, and man-on-a-health-mission.

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Udo earned his Bachelor of Science from the University of British Columbia, followed by graduate studies in biochemistry and genetics.

1980 was a major turning point, when he was poisoned by pesticides. To heal himself, he turned his attention to the field of nutrition. Several years of research culminated in his first book Fats and Oils (1986), which established Udo as a sought-after expert on the subject.

In 1983, he began to pioneer technology for pressing and packaging edible, fresh oils ‘made with health in mind’, by excluding the three main factors — light, heat, and oxygen — that can damage nutritious EFA-rich oils and turn them into toxic ones.

Udo published his best-seller Fats That Heal Fats That Kill (1993), which became recognized as the ‘bible on fats’, then authored a condensed version called Choosing the Right Fats (2001). He co-authored Omega-3 Cuisine (2008), which includes original recipes by celebrity chef Alan Roettinger.

To set new standards for food oils and other health-supporting consumer products, the Udo’s Choice health product line was created in 1994. The Udo’s Choice brand includes EFA-rich oil blends, probiotic blends, digestive enzyme blends, and a super greens blend with fermented greens.

In 2005, Udo was inducted into the CHFA Hall of Fame for his tireless efforts educating the public about the difference between good oils and bad oils and for pioneering higher production standards of unrefined flax and other polyunsaturated fat-rich oils, methods which are still used today. In 2017, he was awarded Hall of Fame status from National Nutrition.

Since 1986, Udo’s given thousands of live educational talks and media interviews. Udo is a regular contributor to Anthony Robbins’ UPW and Life Mastery programs, recently worked with National Geographic Explorer TV as a health expert for an upcoming documentary, and worked with filmmaker Jeff Hays on a documentary about how fats affect health and weight. He is currently working on his latest books, including one on fats and oils, due out in 2021.


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At Expo East 2017, National Nutrition awarded Udo Erasmus the Hall of Fame Award for his dedication to the field of health with the following statement:


“You have won a National Nutrition Award for excellence, for the hard work that has made you an industry leader.”


In addition, at their Expo East in 2005, the Canadian Health Food Association awarded Udo the highest honor for his work in the field of nutrition by inducting him into the CHFA Hall of Fame with the following statement:


“As a result of Udo’s efforts, there are high quality unrefined flax oils and other important seed oils found in refrigerators in health food stores and in health-minded practitioner’s dispensaries around the world. Udo’s contribution to the fields of health and nutrition, along with his pioneering work to establish standards of quality for oil manufacturers, will continue to benefit humanity for decades to come.”


In addition to Udo’s Hall of Fame status with the CHFA and National Nutrition, our Udo’s Choice products have consistently won awards in the their respective categories for quality and effectiveness since the 1990s. Some of our recent awards:









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