Our original, all-purpose blend of 7 digestive enzymes designed for normal diets (all major food groups) and relief from lactose intolerance

Enzyme Blend

  • dairyfree
  • vegan
  • vegcapsule
  • glassbottle
  • Original, all-purpose formula; full-spectrum blend
  • A potent blend of 7 types of active enzymes to enhance digestion of proteins, fats, cellulose fiber, starch, and problematic sugars throughout the GI tract, and maximize nutrient absorption*
  • Helps alleviate abdominal discomfort such as indigestion, heartburn, bloating, and gas, including that produced by eating beans, legumes, cruciferous, and other ‘gas-producing’ vegetables, cooked or inadequately chewed foods, and overeating*
  • High level of lactase enzymes for lactose intolerance*
  • Take 1 or 2 capsules with each meal
  • Store in a cool, dry place

Product Description

WHAT IS UDO’S CHOICE® ENZYME BLEND? Our highly effective Udo’s Choice® Enzyme Blend is a mixture of plant- and microbe-based enzymes whose job it is to break down foods into their basic nutrient building blocks. We designed this special blend to provided people who care about health with a reliable way to maximize absorption of nutrients from foods and to provide relief from the digestive issues—and their discomforts—which are prevalent today. The absorbed nutrients are used for the construction and repair of the trillions of cells in our body, or broken down to supply the energy we need for this cellular construction and repair.

WHAT ARE DIGESTIVE ENZYMES AND WHAT DO THEY DO? In a perfect world, two sources of enzymes break down our foods. First, enzymes are naturally present in raw foods, and do part of the work (experts have estimated 10-90%, depending on the kind of food). Second, our body secretes digestive enzymes from various locations throughout the digestive tract (salivary glands, stomach, pancreas, and small intestine), which complete the work of digesting foods. Our reality, however, is different.

Because the enzymes naturally present in raw foods are heat-sensitive, they are destroyed as soon as we cook or process our foods. This places an added burden on our bodies during the digestive process. In addition, overeating (which dilutes enzymes and overtaxes production capacity), as well as not chewing our foods thoroughly (which fails to properly jumpstart the digestive process), further complicates things. When these unintended consequences catch up with us, they may cause problems, like missing out on key nutrients, weakened cells and tissues, and absorption of undigested foods. Symptoms such as pain, bloating, gas, swelling, inflammation, and immune reactions may follow. Compromised and weakened by poor digestion, our immune system may not be able to do some of its other jobs.

Udo’s Choice® Enzyme Blend provides a complete spectrum of digestive enzymes required for optimum digestion, which is necessary to build a healthy body. It meets the needs of people who eat all the major food groups and/or who may suffer from lactose intolerance by supporting digestive function and minimizing digestive problems.

You’ll find Udo’s Choice® Enzyme Blend in brown glass bottles, on the shelf of the supplement section at your local whole foods market or natural food store.

WHO IS UDO’S CHOICE® ENZYME BLEND DESIGNED FOR? Digestive enzymes are required for health, to optimize the complete digestion of our foods at all stages of the human life cycle, which means that this digestive enzyme blend is made for everybody. Digestive enzymes break down proteins, fats, carbohydrates, milk sugar, legume sugars, and cellulose (fiber), freeing nutrients for absorption in the body. The available nutrients can then be used to support the natural functioning of cells, tissues, glands, and organs and, as a result, support healthy cardiovascular, brain and nerve function, and much more. It is also designed for anyone who: A) eats cooked and/or processed foods; B) suffers from weak digestion; C) wants to ensure complete digestion of what they eat; D) overeats; E) inadequately chews; F) is lactose intolerant; G) has problems digesting cruciferous vegetables and/or legumes; H) suffers from gas, bloating, and abdominal discomfort after eating.*


18+ years old


The key ingredients in this proprietary digestive enzyme blend include amylase (helps to digest starch), lipase (helps to digest fats and oils), bromelain and protease 4.5 (help to digest proteins), lactase (helps to digest milk sugar), alpha-galactosidase (helps to digest sugars in cruciferous vegetables and legumes), and cellulase (helps to break down cellulose).

We deliberately formulated Udo’s Choice® Enzyme Blend to enhance digestion for all food groups and all types of diets.


Take 1 or 2 capsules with each meal, depending on need. For best results: Open capsule(s) and mix in foods or blended drinks (juices, smoothies). If you overeat and your stomach hurts, take four capsules for rapid relief.

Udo’s Choice® Enzyme Blend should never be added to foods too hot to eat, as extreme heat will destroy them. Once foods are cool enough to eat, enzymes are compatible with all foods.


Udo’s Choice® Enzyme Blend is shelf stable, as long as its contents stay dry. In hot/humid climates, it helps to keep Udo’s Choice® Enzyme Blend in the fridge.


60 vegetarian capsules, 90 vegetarian capsules, 21 capsule travel pack

27 reviews for Enzyme Blend

  1. Meg

    Highly effective. Can’t live without these Udo’s enzymes!

  2. Annmarie Adrion

    A friend of mine introduced these to me.. Once I tried I was hooked. They helped me in digestion and relieved the bloating and fullness I sometimes felt date large meals. Definitely worth trying !

  3. Reka

    Best enzyme on the market!

  4. Lauren

    These helped my IBS. I have been taking these for a little over a month now. When I first started taking them, I would take 1 every time I ate. And sometimes another one in the middle of a meal. I noticed a small difference. I did feel a little bit better. I have been suffering from gastrointestinal issues since high school. So for about 10 years. Had all kinds of tests. All came back negative. I was to the point where l hardly ate, with fear of getting sick.

    Just a few days ago I started taking 2 with the first bite of my meals. And I feel A LOT better. My gas, stomach aches, and diarrhea has almost stopped. These basically saved my life.

  5. K.S.

    I love Dr. Udo’s and the enzyme blend is great for me. I have some digestion issues and this really seems to help.

  6. Donna Carritte

    works well

  7. Gessica

    great value, I always buy these before a trip or vacation abroad

  8. Star

    The best enzyme supplement on the market, hands down. Works when others fail.

  9. Gretel Goodwitch

    A relief when I eat meat .. Love it!

  10. Peter Turo

    This is an awesome product. After using regular pharmacy acid reducers and gas reducers pills I tried to go a lot more sophisticated and during my visit at Whole Foods decided to try Udo’s Choice Enzyme Blend. Wow, what a difference this made for me. It was a bit more expensive option but worth it. I have never looked back at cheap pharmacy alternatives.

  11. Jr

    Don’t know what I’d do without these. Was having issues with eating food then having to use the restroom right after so I thought why not give these a try and I’m really glad I did. These have helped my digestion issues to where I don’t really have issues anymore. I take a capsule right before a meal and one in the middle if it’s a big meal. I also take one if I think a snack will give me issues. One bottle of 90 caps gets me through the month.

  12. Maria Kennedy

    Much better than Beano.

  13. Owen Smithyman

    I really like these. I didn’t think I had digestive issues, but my wife encouraged me to take these anyway, and it seemed like it it could be a good thing. Then after taking them for a while, I had a day where I didn’t take them and also ate a bunch of pizza. I was farting SO MUCH the whole evening, and it drove home the point that these enzymes actually are helping a lot. So if you’re farting all the time, try these.

  14. Franklin Barber

    Best I’ve tried.

  15. Carolyne Miller

    This product has really helped prevent bloating. No tummy pains.


    I MUST SAY THAT IM BLOWN AWAY udos digestive enzyme blend, amazing, i suffer from a lot of problems with my gut and tummy for many years and tried almost everything on the market but did not work for me and i must say hand on heart ,this product works for me.

  17. Jan

    I always keep this product in my cupboard and take it when I go out for meals. I have some food intolerances and these enzymes definitely help. I don’t have to be scared of enjoying my food.

  18. Ana mendoza

    I was using Lactaid pills at first but they weren’t working for me, even with 2 or 3.
    This actually works with 1 pill. Now, I always like to do some testing while I’m at home… so it does not work if you plan to keep eating dairy after 15min and for big meals or if its cheese I would suggest taking 2.

  19. Linda Hellaby

    Have taken these Udo’s digestive enzymes for several years now and they do help my digestion.

  20. Viktoria

    The very best digestive enzyme product. No more bowel problems.

  21. Gabriella

    Really help with bloating. I think they’re the best

  22. B&B

    We have ordered this item many times and think it is one of the best.

  23. Emily Jean

    I have had a dairy intolerance for the last 20 years! This enzyme is the first thing that actually helps! I have eaten just about every dairy product I can get my hands on since discovering this without any discomfort or emergency trip to the bathroom.

  24. Arthur Liegeois

    I have serious pancreatic deficiency and recently discovered this enzyme blend. I can’t say that all of my issues are gone but this is definitely alleviating the stomach pains, the bloating and the exhausting digestive process!

  25. Melissa

    Amazing service and amazing product. I suffer from bad IBS. I take one of these every day abs it really helps with bloating and cramps. Going out for a meal is a breeze if I take one of these.


    Excellent. Long time user, very pleased as ever.

  27. Barbara

    Best Digestive Enzyme Blend. No more bloating after a meal.
    Happy customer!

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